• Alyssa Bell

    Bowl of Fruit
    paper and pastel on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    "I like art because it is fun. I made a bowl of fruit."

  • Taryn Benthein

    Taryn Benthein
    acrylic on canvas
    2014 Youth Award

    Taryn paints with many tools using her hands and feet. Taryn signed her painting with her thumb.

  • Sarah Bergstrom

    Bird on Roof
    Acrylic on Canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "I create art because it relaxes me and makes me feel good. I believe birds can lift people’s spirits up when they sing. When a bird flies, I think of being free and seeing the world from way up high."

  • Sam Brickman

    acrylic on canvas
    2014 Young Adult Award

    Autism presents many challenges for Sam, but through his artwork he finds a means of self-expression and a sense of serenity. Sam translates his ideas into ordered, highly visual interpretations.

  • Benjamin Clark

    Parts of Me
    pastel on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    "I like art because I enjoy painting. I think drawing is fun too. My favorite things to draw are found in nature. My inspiration for this is me."

  • Jack Dillhunt

    Green Bay
    The Happenstance Interview
    Pen and ink/ digital graphics
    2014 Adult Award

    "Every event that one experiences in one’s life is linked in endless ways to other events, people, places and things."

  • Jerome Glenn

    It's a Flying Hover Craft Vehicle Landing on Water
    acrylic and mixed media on canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "I get my inspiration from the masters"

  • Sean Iwinski

    Blue Centipede
    ink on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    Sean used a foam roller verses a traditional brayer and took time to exlplore roller and paint before he used them on paper

  • John Dennis Ryder

    Bark at the Moon
    ink print from carving
    2014 Young Adult Award

    "I like to bring out my expression, fun to do to create different stuff. The inspiration for my print came from the song "Bark at the Moon""

  • Michaela Toth

    Star Prairie
    No. 4
    Acrylic on Canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "Artistic expression is my dear friend. She is my shoulder to cry on, trickster to laugh with and mentor to urge me forward"

  • Andrew Brooks

    Airplane in the Sky
    pen and ink on paper
    2015 Youth Award

    Andrew creates art when he's cranky, bored or anxious. He likes to draw airplanes, bridges, cities and cars.

  • Paige Christopher

    watercolor on paper
    2015 Youth Award

    "This is a portrait of my cat, the funniest cat in the world. I love art and I love to draw art."

  • Nolan Council

    acylic on canvas
    2015 Young Adult Award

    Nolan loves to create art with brushes, rollers and his fingers.

  • Fulton Damm

    Spring Flowers
    2015 Adult Award

    Fulton enjoys working with clay creating textures and choosing colors. Art brings great joy to Fulton.

  • Pita Daniels

    acrylic on canvas
    2015 Adult Award

    "Art has helped through life challenges."

  • Jordan Ellenbecker

    Self Portrait
    digital artwork
    2015 Youth Award

    "Jordan used more than 100 selfies taken on his IPad. Jordan says he likes to take pictures of himself wearings masks and dressing up"

  • Shannon Jorgenson

    Famous Artist Book
    pen and on paper
    2015 Young Adult Award

    Shannon's book contains graphite portraits of famous artists including Michelangelo, Salavador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Toulous Lautrec.

  • Lisa Limberg

    Woven Vase
    2015 Adult Award

    "Lisa started at the bottom and made her way to the top!"

  • Joshua Satterstrom

    Rainbow Fancy Hand
    mixed media on paper
    2015 Youth Award

    "I create because it's fun, I like it. My inspiration was art class."

  • Mary Schroeder

    Lemons and Lace
    watercolor on paper
    2015 Adult Award

    "For me, creating art helps me in my ability to cope with chronic health problems."

    David Black

    Aphrodite II
    2016 Adult award

    “I put a lot of love, heart and soul into my art.  This is Aphrodite, she represents love and the mother goddess.  She reveals the strength and beauty of women, and also the weight they have to bear in the world.”

    Caleb Duren

    Eye of the Kraken
    watercolor and mixed media
    2016 Youth Award

    “Art means the ability to express my feelings about life through creativity.  For this painting I really wanted to do a picture involving a Kraken, which is a giant sea monster resembling an octopus.”

    Derek Flint

    Derek’s Animals
    watercolor and marker
    2016 Youth Award

    “I did a drawing and painting of my animals.”

    Kate Horn

    St. Cloud
    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    graphite and colored pencil
    2016 Young Adult award

    “I drew a soldier that is in half uniform and half in a casual everyday outfit. …I also showed a gravestone in front of him that he is saluting.  …I want to show that the soldier lost both his friend and his leg.  This is how I wanted to show that the men made the ultimate sacrifice.”

    Romano Johnson

    American White Cloud Lady Spring
    acrylic and glitter on canvas
    2016 Adult Award

    “When I was a young kid in Chicago, I would draw ‘cause I love it and I was good at it…I’m always working for better ideas: blending colors, adding glitter, coming up with the patterns.  I want people to see that this is what I love doing and always wanted to do…to look at my painting and drawings and say WOW!”

    Lonnie Lawrence

    First Adventure
    pen and ink, pencil
    2016 Adult Award

    “What art work means to me…well, everyone has a talent…I like making something out of nothing if I can, such as decorating a piece of wood that someone else would discard or turning a piece of leather into fine art instead of gloves…”

    Morganna Oakley

    New Holstein
    mixed media
    2016 Youth Award

    “Art means relaxing and letting your imagination flow.  Anything can inspire me to create and my art depends on how I am feeling.”

    Julius Trees Parrish

    Pink Pegasus
    acrylic on canvas
    2016 Young Adult Award

    “Julius loves bold bright colors, and will often follow a color idea over several canvases…or start a painting by looking at a color first…His lack of formal art education, combined with his autism…allow Julius to create from a very pure place.  He just starts painting with abandon and intensity at the same time.”

    Dan Severson

    The Monsteron
    mixed media
    2016 Adult Award

    “I make art to have a little fun…my artwork shows that I like math, science, animation and science fiction.  I want people to relax and feel my artwork.  I want them to learn something about intelligence and the human race.”


    Erick Vera

    Birch Bark Trees
    watercolor and pencil
    2016 Youth Award

    “I put black tape in the tree.  I put on watercolor…use colors.  I put salt on the paint, I put shadow on the snow!”