Our Mission

Proud artist smiling Choir members singing

The mission of VSA Wisconsin is to expand the capabilities, confidence and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities by providing programs in dance, drama, creative writing, music and visual art.

The arts invite people to leave familiar territory, to explore new answers and seek new questions. The arts offer a means to self-expression, communication, and independence. By learning through the arts, students become lifelong learners, experiencing the joy of discovery and exploration, and the value of each other's ideas.

VSA International


Our mission is as vital and relevant today as it was in 1985 when VSA Wisconsin incorporated as a nonprofit. So, too, are the guiding principles that drive our organization. We believe that:

  • experiences in the arts enhance personal growth, increase educational achievement and enable career success;
  • the arts are a universal and essential language that challenge people to respond to the world, to look beyond themselves, and to celebrate the diversity of human society by building bridges between people, across cultures and through generations; and
  • participation in the arts by individuals with disabilities promotes acceptance and inclusion in all aspects of life.

VSA Wisconsin programs began with a one-day Festival for school-aged children. Our statewide initiatives now serve individuals across the age spectrum and provide an outlet for creative expression and unlimited possibilities for personal, academic and professional success. Each year VSA Wisconsin programs, events and exhibitions reach more than one quarter million people.

VSA Wisconsin is a member of the VSA Affiliate Network, a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. VSA was founded in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where people with disabilities learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts.