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Artist Residencies

Murguia 2


Using the arts to get ready for Kindergarten!!


Early Childhood students

show off the mural they made in a 10-hour residency at Central Hispano Head Start Murguia 2 in Milwaukee.


Calling Young Artists





Emerging Young Artists

theme is



The John F. Kennedy Center is seeking artwork that is charged

with ideas, that acts as a conduit

for creative reflection on the past, explores the "now," and invokes a future full of possibility and inclusivity. Learn more here.


Deadline: May 3, 2017


Annual Report



Inclusion is what drives us at

VSA Wisconsin.


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VSA Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses dance, drama, creative writing, music, and visual art to celebrate the creative power and artistic accomplishments of children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. VSA Wisconsin’s choirs, artist residencies, and art classes and workshops provide an outlet for creative expression and unlimited possibilities for personal, academic, and professional success. Click here to hear our public service announcement.

Exhibitions, performances, and special events showcase the talents of people with disabilities. Professional development for educators, artists and organizations provides adaptive arts training and inclusion strategies.